Sunday, 30 November 2014

OGA NL Cross Country Tour - Review

Hyrst of Eremue

OGA NL Cross Country Tour 2014

Summary points


Set out: Wednesday 16th July, 2014
Returned: Tuesday 26th August, 2014
Cruise duration: 42 days


Distance covered: 823Nm (from passage plans); log distance TBA
Countries visited: England, France, Belgium, Netherlands
Number of  different harbours visited:-
England: 5 (Lymington, Shoreham, Brighton, Eastbourne, Dover)
France: 1 (Dunkerque) 
Belgium: 2 (Nieuwpoort, Blankenberge)
Netherlands: 17 (list TBD)
Number of first time harbours visited: 24

Engine hours: 200 (estimated, no hour meter)
Fuel used: TBA


Boat assessment: TBD
Equipment assessment: TBD
Crew assessment: TBD


Marina fees F, B, NL: €8 to €14, average €TBA
Marina fees UK: £10 to £26, average £TBA
Repairs: TBA
Misc.: TBA


General Comments

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